Husk got shot in the head

Meh, first couple of poses for a really long while, posted it in another thread, I mainly want CC.

The camera looks kinda fish-eyed.

Hm, I can’t see it, but I’ll keep that in mind next time.

Did you zoom out with the camera to fit in both characters?


Another question: did you zoom in with the camera?

I can’t remember to be honest, I probably did. My mistake :buddy:

Just as a tip, you always have to zoom in with the camera because, for some odd reason, it starts zoomed out by default (which gives the fish-eyed effect).

Like this:

I’m quite happy with the editing though (boolet hole), any comments on that?

i think the husk needs some kind of blood leaving its head.

It’s still smoking, I don’t think burnt wounds bleed that much. But, note taken.