Huxley model (rewrite !!!!!!)

Huxley website:

do you see image?

(sorry… I can’t English I’m korean)

So uh, why does everyone else have like a super awesome bodyarmor, except the chick?

Because it’s blatant fanservice?

Video game cliche # 67: Men get huge, bulky, effective armor, while women are lingerie models.

Because the game was so clearly designed by feminists?
Okay maybe that’s being a ‘bit’ extreme.

sorry everyone… I can’t English… sorry…

Seems it uses Unreal Engine 3, so can be easy to get them, bad that I don’t know Korean and not interested on the game though.


^You’ll get far better models from Global Agenda - also Ue3, and there’s a demo with most of the content on steam.
Plus both genders have equal amounts of armour.

a ha.