HWID ban ?

hello . so allot of hackers are creating new accounts and buying russian keys for 3$ . ip bans barley work because stupid shit kids using vpns to come back on . so im wondering why dont you make it possible to ban HWID ? . that would solve allot of issue we have . other game like planetside 2 use it .

Because sales means profit.

wtf is that supposed to mean ? . stupidest thing i have read in my life .

im more then sure garry is trying to make the game a good as possible . and i dont think he would leave a option like this out for that reason … :frown:

Actually a good Idea you want to play dont hack if you hack you cant play anymore

it means that hackers are literally paying to provide MORE hack profiles and show bugs/exploits in the program. there will always be cheats, and the game is quite a way from being complete; maybe they will consider it later in the process, but for now it’s actually in their better interests to just make some money off the cheaters.

Yea and that proved to be very useful.
Let me show an example what I found


HWID bans are just as unreliable as IP if not more. Anything that is on client machine can be faked, including HWID.