I whant to make a map but i need more prop
Exemple=tree,wall,poles and more.
but i don’t have i need to install a content or i need more games

or another

Episode 2 would be better, as it has more interesting tree props.
Episode 1 has more citadel related stuff, and snow-covered trees.

All in all, Ep2 would be best in my opinion

Yeah probably Episode 2 as they would of spend more detail on it because of how it a major part of that games environment.

also OP, Fix your spelling please, Most browsers have downloadable or packed in spell checker, Please use it.

I’m guessing you’re asking what game to buy/install/use for hammer, but I can’t really tell.
I’d go with EP2 if that’s your question.

If you got a modelling program and made your own content that would be epic, but ep2 is best best.

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You don’t use props for walls.

You do for fences.

Fences aren’t walls.

Actually in L4D there are some wall props.


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EP2 has more stuff in ‘nature’ folder
EP1 has more city look

…but since there are almost all textures and models from EP1 in EP2, I suggest you using EP2.

OK the i will buy
EP1 and EP2

Did ya even read the fuckin thread?