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Hybrid (Xbox 360) E3 2012 trailer

Hello community.
Accidentally stumbled upon a game of Hybrid for the XBOX 360.
The game is built on the Source Engine level Left 4 Dead 1.

After spending more than two hours on the Internet, I was able to unpack the archive with the game.

So, what I got in the end:
● VTF - there are VTFs in the game, but they have a special XBOX format - VTFX file format
● VMT - usual VMT files, as well as on a PC platform.
● MDL / PHY / VVD / VTX - The files have LZMA compression, but it seems not too different from ordinary PC files.
● WAV - files also have a special format for the XBOX console, more in dev wiki XWV File Format
● PCF - usual files of particles, work on the usual PC version.
● BSP - perhaps ordinary bsp files, I was able to decompile them using BSPSource 1.3.23. When decompiling, I got the following errors, but the card itself looks quite workable in Hammer.

[warning] LzmaBuffer: Difference in LZMA data length: found 11•559 bytes, expected 11•557
[warning] BspFileReader: Couldn't find static prop struct for version 7
[warning] BspFileReader: Falling back to static prop v4

The remaining files seem to be similar to the PC version of the engine, i.e. res / txt / vdf and others.

I am hope for your help. Perhaps someone will be interested in getting working content from this forgotten game. Maps already exist, it remains to adapt the textures and models.

Download content. Multiple alternative links
Google Drive