[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Hydra

[tab]Version:[/tab] 0

[tab]Description:[/tab]“A multi-headed cuntly beast”

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s Mod

The body and the heads are separate. You can have as many heads as you want.


Don’t pay any attention to the phong, it’s flatgrass’ shitty lighting.

**Things you should know and things I’m not going to address **:
This is the first time I’ve rigged something myself, so it sucks.
This model is like a scenebuild, it only looks good from a certain angle.
This model is from the isometric ARPG game Titan Quest

I know all of the problems about the model itself, the only problems you’ll get that I won’t know of is if you installed it wrong. Or me packing the zip incorrectly(Which I honestly doubt)
Source doesn’t like giant models, so this thing is a bitch to pose. I recommend using phys_timescale 2 or 3, it might make it easier. The body looks like utter shit, but that’s as good as it’ll look without the heads that used to be attached to it. Good editors and advanced posers should have no problem at all using this model if they choose to use it.

Things I wanted to do but couldn’t : Make a more smoothly weighed model,
faceposing. I tried a lot of methods with the faceposing but for whatever reason, couldn’t, the flexes would morph all wrong, so fuck it.
If you don’t like this model, or find it too full of errors to be usable, I honestly don’t care. Don’t use it. I port models for myself, I could honestly care less if I continue to be the only one using it.

You’re welcome to redistribute this model, or try to add faceposing to the heads or whatever the fuck. This isn’t my model, it’s Ironlore’s.

Credits : Ironlore Entertainment

it hasn’t got enough heads

So… much… heads!

Maybe a version with only 3 heads, or is that not possible?

Maybe it isn’t obvious enough that the hydra body and the heads are separate…:downs:

updated the post

It is a Zmey Gorynich- Russian fairy tale dragon!

Hooray, a literal Hydra. Now to have some sort of Generic Greek Hero model for an epic battle.


Thread title was misleading, I thought it was the HL2 beta Hydra.

I was thinking of a HL2-Beta style but never mind.

I guess I shouldn’t live my expectation up when it comes to HL2 beta models. :downs:

This is way cooler than the HL2 beta hydra!

Looks awesome :slight_smile:

“What are all those heads?”

In all seriousness, The model looks incredibly detailed for an isometric game.

Holy shit, that look complicated to pose.

-snip it worked-

cool but too shiny IMO


somebody bring up the Eyelander…i feel we will need it…

Read the post.

Why generic?


good luck posing it :smiley:

Well, personally, I’d want something more along the lines of t =he dude with the horsehair helmet and stuff. That’s always been my concept of a Greek Epic Hero (And, I’ve spent all of high school having Latin and Greek shoved down my throat.)

That thing looks like it will lag the shitfucks out of GMod. Still cool, gets my download.