Hydralisk Model Conversion for CS:S

I’m a member of a gaming community which focuses on a WC3 server on CS:S.
We have hundreds of customized races and classes to play, but only half or so have their own models. I recently came across a freelance StarCraft model for the Hydralisk, which was freeware and available for download.

I’ve tried and failed miserably, I cannot seem to ‘port’ this .3ds model into something compatible with CS:S.

Can anyone help me out here? I can email you the model upon request.

Yes! The Starcraft hydralisk!

I would love to see that model ingame.

Well, I was hoping for someone who could help make it happen lol… But thanks for the feedback.

Would you like to mess around with the Warcraft 3 Hydralisk model and Zergling? I can give you the .obj and textures for it. I’d love for them to be in gmod.

We need a Starcraft thread with only stuff of it.

Could you email those to me?


(Added the extra characters to prevent troller bots)

So did you get them?

Yes I did, thank you very much!

Great, now I wanna know is that are they working? They show up in Blender but I personally have never used any 3D programs in my life and don’t know what to do with them such as adding textures. Hopefully you’ll know what to do and get them into CS:S and Gmod.

So any progress with the models I sent? Or do they not work?

I have a feeling the stuff I sent won’t work. I forgot an important file to put on the textures.