Hydraulic Centrifuge

Because I got bored, I decided to make a random centrifuge thing with some hydraulics and some wire so you can control things about it. I think it came out pretty well.


>>Separate controls for height, power and hydraulic length
>>Start/Stop button
>>Rideable car with start/stop access (hitting the spacebar)
>>Speedo in MPH
>>Height meter showing car’s current height
>>Smooth landing

I tried to make the video good, and pretty decent to watch. I didn’t want to make a video like “OMG HAYE HEREZ MY CONTRAPTIONZZ” with a bad death metal song in the background. :smiley: I’ve done another contraption like this; the thing itself is not that great, but I spent a good while getting the video good. Some of you might remember it from a while ago:

Anyway, I hope you like the thing. Not really sure on a solid name for it yet, but it is sort of like a centrifuge, so I went with that. Constructive Criticism is more than welcome.



I lold’ when it spazzed and then shot up for work.

2:05 totally made my day.

wow like 2 minutes of time wasting crap before anything happens

I felt like the presentation of both of the videos were decent, but the contraptions themselves could use lots of work in the visual department. The boat looks like a metal raft with a glass pane stuck on it. It looks more like a pontoon boat, but by the placement of the seats and windshield, it was made to be a regular boat. The random centrifuge thing, it is made of phx metal and glass. Try using more props to make it look half decent.

At first… I was like What the fuck is a centrifuge seriously, I nearly googled it.
but then i saw the second post.


It’s okay, but its not exactly the most exciting thing ever.
I bet i could replicate it with thrusters ropes and wire hoverballs lololol.

The barrel boat reminds me of a sea doo. If you make it look more like a sea doo, then maybe that will add to the awesome. I’m going to tell you that your centrifuge video loaded really slowly for me so that was I waited nearly 10 mins just to see the fail momment at 2:05. It looks like you took some time to make it operate properly, but I would suggest to make the control room higher than ground floor. It might look cooler from that point of view. My last suggestion is to get rid of the spazing start. I would suggest modifying the equation that you use to adjust the height of your contraption.

Try (your equation here) + (desired height offset) = (no spazy start)

use a GPS to figure out the z height of ground level, because not all mappers use 0 as ground level. If the z height is less than 0, just add that amount to your equation. I hope this helps your spazy start.

This is essentially just a spinning weight with all the wire variables attached to accumulators.

I didn’t :smiley: On the first time of trying it out, I thought it would completely brake. Guess I got lucky…

If two minutes really means that much to you, just fast forward a bit. I thought I’d rather complete the song than have nothing at all happen for two minutes or cut the song short.

Thanks, glad you liked the videos. I admit, prop presentation really isn’t my strong point, and for me I just like to get things up and doing things. If I spent more time on it, I probably could get both things looking better, but I don’t even have the boat anymore (my computer crashed and I had to reinstall Windows) and I made the spinny thing quite quickly.

Probably, seeing as that’s basically what I used.

Your post just made me think of why it spazzes at the start actually… Thanks, I’ll try out your suggestion.

Basically, yes. HOWEVER, I used advanced inputs so I could control them from inside the ‘pod’ with the numpad :smiley:

Thanks for all the replies, even if they aren’t positive they still mean a lot to me. Keep in mind I made this in around about an hour, so that’s why the visuals aren’t the best and it still has some glitches.

I don’t really see the point in this.
Would one please enlighten me?

Oh god, Hoverballs.
I thought it was kinda cool cause you made it lift in the air with hydraulics.
Oh well.

There is no point, just felt like making something.

I did try thrusters, but they weren’t consistent enough. Do you have any idea how I could do it with hydraulics?

use the hydraulic to drag the weight higher? make the central stick taller and attach the hydraulic to the top.

Ah, so you’re saying I should make the hydraulic shorter to make the car higher. The reason I didn’t do that is because I wanted to be able to get the car really far out to make a huge circle, and to be pretty high at the same time. When I first thought of the contraption, I imagined it going over the whole map.

With your way, the only way to get the car high is by making the hydraulic short, so no whole-map circulations. :frowning: Good point though.

need moar tl;dr versions it wasnt worth my 3 minutes

might wana fix begining spaz