Hydraulic Mouse aimed Turret

After making a W S A D hydraulic AA gun with e2, I decided to make a smaller mouse aimed one. I wasnt sure how to achive it, but with enough work on it, I achived hydraulic mouse aim. It is supprisingly stable and effective. It responds quickly and accuratly, and in all, turned out much, much better then I expected it would. (Yes, the gun model is made out of holograms, no good gun props:p)’
I havent ever seen a hydraulic mouse aimed turret, so I figured I’d post mine, as it impressed enough players in the server I built it in.

*realistic scope
*Glass in the scope
*red dot scope
*aim down sights without zoom on shift
*shift+ m2 aim down sights and zoom.

you should have waited and posted this with content

YouTube with me anyway only takes a minute

Hydraulic mouse aimed turrets are easy to make. Takes a simple e2 and an eyepod and you’re done.

never seen 'em

Hurry with the video so we’ve got something to comment on

its up

It seems to work well, now focus on the looks

Tis my next goal

Does it spin 360 degrees or aren’t you rotating it with hydraulics?

im rotating it with hydros. It is limited to a small window because it is intended for airplane use

Does it actually work in an airplane, or is it really hard to aim while moving?

Since it’s using hydraulics and eyepod it should be easy to use while moving.

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Sexy gun. Want see on plane.