Hydraulic strength

I’m trying to make a somewhat large quadroped, but the hydraulics are simply too weak. Is there any way to strengthen them besides multiplying the amount of hydraulics in use? Sorry if I’m missing something obvious, it’s very late.

Have you tried typing numbers in rather than using the sliders? Just click the box and type a number. I haven’t done much building in awhile so I’m not 100% sure about that, but it should work.

The are wire hydraulics, and I don’t use sliders unless I’m going all the way to either end. Besides, these are wire hydraulics linked to an E2, it sets the distance automatically. The problem is the hydraulic not having enough power.

Play around with Weight tool, but I’m sure that will fuck up as soon as you dupe your contraption. Weight should be applied, then the hydraulics should be created. Like I said, breaks upon duping.

Make your target prop weigh a lot THEN attach the hydraulic, this is how valve coded hydros, it will always multiply it’s strength by the targets mass.