Hydraulics in 0 gravity/Hydraulics in Spacebuild - one BIG issue.

Ok so i spent like literally the last 2-3 days mastering this totally awesome ship for use in the popular mod ‘SpaceBuild’.
The ship has 2 ‘engine pods’ that rotate using wirehydraulics, an expression 2 chip and an advanced pod contoller.
It works flawlessly on the home planet that i spawn on (where i built it) and i love it, however as soon as i venture out into space the hydraulics seem to spaz out horrifically as soon as i leave the atmosphere…


And is there any way to solve the issue, the ship is like my child (well perhaps not) and i just cant stand to let it slide and leave the ship on the drawing board.

ANY help with this will be MUCH appreciated.

My ship is pictured below, just to show it off a little :P.
Also i suppose it would be helpful to show how it works or something…


Space Mode/Forward Flight.

Atmosphere Mode/Hover.

Interior - Yet to be fitted out.

C’mon guys… Anything at all?

Create the hydraulics in zero gravity to start with?

im sure there could be another way around this, thrusters would work, but it wouldnt be as good, and i suppose you could always try applyforce, just go to divran’s thread

I tried doing that, they just spaz out as soon as i unfreeze, it skips around like a demented spider for about 3 seconds then crashes the engine :s.

I’ve only recently heard of applyAngForce I did some reading but I just can figure out how to link the use of this to a W A S D input from a pod controller. I tried a few tutorials but they only show how to make a random PXH 1x1 point in a specific direction. Divran’s thread you say? I’ll try there next.

Thanks guys.