Hydraulics random fuck-up?

Hi there… I’m trying to make a sliding door, consisting of 2 props, where one slides into the other. Using no-collide and hydraulics. It all works fine, but at a random point, when I’ve moved it with hydraulic once, twice or maybe a bit more times, it starts going the opposite direction. Now why the fuck would it do this? And it’s totally random, it doesn’t do it always. But when it first has, it’ll never go the default direction again.

I’m sorry if this explanation is confusing, but I hope you can help me.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hmm the same thing happened to me in a similar example. The sliders are far too glitchy and buggy I think. Well, lots of things are. But I guess the problem is that the door is going too fast, maybe. That’s what happened with my contraption (which would have worked in reality but glitched the hell out of me in Gmod). Hope I helped!

Ah, the speed… Yeah, I’ll try and lower it. Thanks!


Got it working, but setting down the speed didn’t change much. I just used Wire Hydraulics instead. Much smoother.