Hydrogen Car Commercial [SCIENCE]

This is the first Gmod video I made in a VERY long time (I think the last was in 2006). I made this for my advanced chemistry class, where our assignment was to research hydrogen cars, then develop an ad in any medium we choose to promote it.

Truly terrible. Sorry but it isnt that good

Eh, that’s fine. It is made for class, not for the internet.

Thats what i mean. For school this is great but for gmod this is rubbish.

the hell?
I liked it! it wasn’t “truly terrible” I wouldnt even call it bad for a quick school project

nice job c:

You’re not the only one who makes GMOD videos for school. The video was good for a presentation. However, I’m not all about the whole save the planet kind of thing, video was good:words: though.

The video was great for school, i have used gmod for a geography project (Coasts and errosion)

Awesome! If only this game could of come in handy for my school projects. If only we would of made this transition in the 90’s. Its already past 2010, and we do not have full petrol replacement yet. WTF

Founf the first bit quite funny. Cool video.

Thank you.

Not bad… Only thing I would change was the fact you were holding camera (check that topic on how to make gmod videos, there’s a swep called “hands”, it’s pretty good for that)