Hyper Dimension Neptunia Models

I haven’t seen the models ripped, so it’d probably be even longer to do, but has anyone ever had an interest in porting the models from the NIS RPG Hyperdimension Neptunia?
In Particular the Goddesses and their CPU forms. The only thing I’d doubt with the models are faceposing, considering the nature of anime-styled models.


Models currently being ripped from MKII. There’s a Texture Issue with some of the expressions thats being delt with.

I have all 4 girls in there CPU forms converted to .obj with .png textures. If you can find someone to rig them I’ll upload the files for you. As for eye and face posing you will be limited since both are just textures.

ah, so probably bodygroups or different models entirely?

Couldn’t tell you that since I’m not entirely familiar with how bodygroups work in game.

Anyhoo if you find someone who is totally willing to see this through to the end instead of having the models rot on a hard drive I’ll upload them to my dropbox and also work toward getting the girls Human Forms exported :smiley:

Well lets see if this topic cant attract a dedicated modeler. Meanwhile, I’ll PM a few and see if they’ll humor me with a response.

Alright, I’ll see what I can do. Making me stop my MMD work though.

Sounds great, so long as it isnt too much of a hindrince to your other project. Look foward to seeing good news.

Well, I can’t do anything until he gives me the models. I just hope he wasn’t trolling saying he had them.

Sorry about that guys I’ve been having issues with my computer hanging and freezing. I was going to wait until I had the human forms exported as well but if you want the CPU forms now you’ll get them now. Novax I’ll PM you the Dropbox link after I zip up the necessary files.

I sent Novax Green Heart as a test to see if I exported things correctly when I hear back that everything is ok I’ll send the rest. As it stands I ran into a little trouble with Purple Heart’s CPU form so I’ll try and get that sorted. The Human Forms are almost ready as well. Nu-San if you need any other character models from the game now is the time to ask.

Lol. Would you believe Green Heart is my favorite?

Well, IF, Compa, NISA, Gust, and Arfoire, off the top of my head. I’m unsure what monsters I’d want particularly, but probably Dogoo and Pixelvader… if it isnt too much trouble

Edit: Oh, and if they arent there already, the weapons?

Is it possible to have the others by chance? Black heart is the one that intrigues me the most. If you also manage to get the human forms, that would be awesome too.

Green Heart is mine as well <3. I got Compa exported and I’m still looking for the others. PM me some pics of the monsters so I know what to look for. I was going through some weapons and I can get those exported as well I don’t know what good they’ll do ya unless you find some one who can get them in game. If you have some one then get me pics of the weapons you want or tell me the characters they are used by.

Give me a bit I’ve got the main girls Human Forms exported but I think I’ll redo the Goddess/CPU forms. I’m still having problems with Purple Heart’s Goddess/CPU form :\

Well, perhaps give me a bit on that too. I’ll have to expand my Bestiary and weapon collection in game a bit. I was mostly referring to the CPU form weapons though, since I think they’d look off without their signature weapons. All the other weapons just look cool. Maybe just a few of Compas for now because I doubt the existence of giant syringes in Gmod more than swords, claws/qatars, rapiers, hammers, lances, ect ect.

…or the ones from the pics posted.

Ok I’ll see what I can do.

Hate to bump, but I’m doing it anyway.

A majority of the models are in Novax’s hands its up to him now. I’ve taken a little break from going through the folders for the other characters. Missing at the moment are:
Purple Heart (Goddess Form), IF, NISA, Gust and Arfoire

I’ll get back into the folder searching to see if I can pull some weapons and the missing characters sometime tomorrow/later today if I can. Hopefully things pick up when Novax gets his new computer parts :slight_smile:

Sounds good, thanks for taking the time to rip the models.

Didnt know Novax’s cpu was broken.

Gust, you say?

Just recently found out how to get the models from Mk2… with the original rigging intact, too. Now I just need to figure out what the heck’s up with the alternate eyebrow, eye and mouth textures, since they appear to be jumbled up in some way.

MKII’s out already? I havent gotten the notice from NISA’s online store.

Well, from the Japanese version (Choujigen Game Neptune Mk2), at least, which has been out for a while.