hyper drive

i’ll make it short…
although there is an entity that allows to “warp” travel across the map…it still needs good knowledge about wire to make it work properly…which is quite hard for most of the gmod players

my request would be,
—could someone code an entity (car, small shuttle or else)…that works like the hyper drive from stargate atlantis…
that if you activate it, and wanna jump onto another point of the map, a hyperspace window opens (starting point) and you’ll get draged into it, throwing you out on the other side (ending point) —

((reminds of the working principles of the gates coded by aVoN…only here…the “eventhorizon” looks like a hyperspace window and once it opened, you’ll get draged into it, and the “windows” both close after you exit the 2nd. on the other side))

EDIT: Forgot to begin the thread name with capital letters…sry

Huh? Wire a gps and a button to it?

it doesn’t seem to be that easy when looking at this:

Its a wiremod Hoverdrive.

It just looks like some increment gates or a ranger.

its not, it is the SpaceBuild Warp Drive

the SpaceBuild warp drive would have been sufficient,
if only the animation could be a bit more lavish or exciting,
which is after all the reason for this request…

and yes, it would also be sufficient to attach a wire numpad and gps to the drive,…but in every case it doesnt go very well…so a more userfriendly handling was the 2nd. reason for the request.