Hyperddos opinions.

Hey, my server has been getting under attacks lately and I was planing to switch to another vps host for a while now.

Lately I’ve noticed at hyperddos.com, they have some neat stuff with ddos protection for cheap prices, however I couldn’t find much reviews about it and never heard about it until I’ve seen it.
Does anyone has any experience with them or have heard about them?

I have access to a few different servers hosted on NFO, and they hardly ever have issues regarding ddos and source exploits. They also have really good prices on vps/vds’s.

If the company you’re with have low grade hardware firewalls, this would become an issue. Just make sure the company you’re renting from has nice firewalls and setup.

I’ve tried NFO, but I need an EU server and they have some issues on all of their EU servers that apperenately only Valve can solve, thanks though.

Yeah, the thing is the company I’m using right now isn’t really meant for game servers. Do you have any you can recommend?

Well, I can dig one out for you if you tell me how many servers you will be hosting, respectively how many slots and what gamemode each will run.