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HyperGaming Network has been around as a gaming network community since 2002. Currently we host S.T.A.L.K.E.R Roleplay and Fallout Roleplay. S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP is currently the oldest one available. We always allow free and limitless character development, however there are a few restrictions for certain kind of characters, because we had issues with them in past. Obviously common sense is required when making and developing a character.
[release]You must register on www.hypergamer.net to access the content pack
The link to content pack thread: http://www.forums.hypergamer.net/discussion-forum/fallout-content-pack-thread/



[release]The canon[/release]

[release]The script and its features[/release]

The Fallout RP has the following CUSTOM features:
[release]*** Fully Implemented Crafting System**[/release]

[release]*** Nice Container System**[/release]

[release]*** Ghoul SNPCs [/release]**

[release]*** Power Armor Training System**[/release]

[release]*** Radiation System **[/release]

[release]*** Working “Safebox” system**[/release]

[release]*** Working Bounty System**[/release]

[release]*** Working Auto-Doc System**[/release]

[release]*** Custom Fallout HUD**[/release]


We currently are developing ** Star Wars Roleplay **. If you’re interested in this project, you should see the forum section for it.

looks nice.

Before this becomes a shit storm. I’m usually not the best fan of HGN, community wise. But this server actually is good, the roleplay is good, and the administration behind it is (visually), good. Even if you don’t like HGN, I suggest you try out this server, it’s worth it.

Awesome crafting interfaces and customization (The HUD), its a really good server in my opinion as well.

This does look interesting. But that is probably because it is a change from the usual OpenAura/ Blueprint/ whatever the fuck the current popular expensive rehash is HL2 “roleplay”. But having to register just to download a content pack? For shame :colbert:

I’ll link you to it if you want. You don’t have to register.

Actually it is Blueprint, but besides the main menu and character creation you can’t tell.

I’m sorry you feel that way. However you need need to make a forum account to apply for Tooltrust and such anyways.

That much I can make sense of, at least you then have a central place to manage users.

Actually it’s based on Nexus. Blueprint is the version after Nexus. So it’s the “legal” version of kuromeku’s script. It would be unfair to call the base nexus now since it’s heavily edited. This variant is called WorldScript.

I remember being attacked by a ghoul, raped and then eaten.

I’ve been a long time member of HGN and I STILL think it is retarded of SilverKnight to require that but what are you going to do?

Good roleplay, mostly bad community.

I haven’t seen you playing on HGN at all. I’m not sure how can you judge our community when you are not involved in it. I appreciate the comment anyways.

Your website looks like it hasn’t been changed since 2002, where every web developer and their grandmother wanted “Web 2.0”-looking sites, AKA rounded menus, centered layouts and marquees. Meh.

Don’t feel like registering to get the content pack. Plus, I’ve never played NV nor even beaten Fallout 3, so I know I can’t make an assumption on the server itself. A Fallout RP community with someone who has barely played the Fallout games? Might as well go to TnB if I feel like being bashed by an elitist.

I’ll leave this alone for now.

I have registered on forums, so much drama going on there usually.
I also know few people from there, some are nice and the rest of them are very annoying drama queens.
I’ll join when the server has more players, I have had the content pack for few months now.

This server is set in 2236, which is between Fallout and Fallout 2.

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Alright, I’ll see you there.

Wait a second


2 less years from Fonline 2238 eh?

Is there anything wrong with that?

Nothing ,good community by the way.