HyperGaming Stalker RP ROCKS!!!

Hey you guys need to check out Stalker rp by Hypergaming network they are the best Roleplaying experience i have ever played! http://www.hypergamer.net Check them out!

I Dont think this should have been posted here?

You realize considering the circumstances of the post, and just the way you said it, nobody cares. We don’t need to know this… we can view there advertisement thread.

I have to agree, but on the other hand Oh great a minge representing HGN…


And what exactly classifies him as a minge?

I’m an admin on HGN, and he is a minge. It’s not helping to make spam topics like this.

This guy is banned from HGN, he’s a troll.

HGN is a bunch of shitty abusive admins who feed of power greed and being an asshole. Nice to get banned THE SAME DAY I DONATED! Damn money hungry assholes. You wait just wait…

You attempted to make your own Stalker RP community, and said that we were full of abusive admins and assholes. It’s your own fault that you were banned.

Also: Lol @ the first post and the post above me, hypocrite.

I lol’d so hard at this.

Your an idiot. You deserve to have your money taken too.

Iam one of the oldest members in HGN and i must say Hes a troll and i never saw an abusive admin in HGN yet :V

I have, a lot actually.

Considering the fact SilverKnight is a genius when it comes to attracting donators, oh wait he’s not, because half the time he gives his ass a bad reputation by not even wanting to talk to donators who are interested as to why the owner, to whom you have money to, is attempting to outcast you from their community.

You’ll see your actions nipping you in the ass Silver.

We have a forum so that every person that wants to donate can get the information from it, instead of tongs of people spamming Last Exile.

inb4 roleplay drama in this thread.