Hyperion - Compact. Sleek. Modular.

Hyperion is an entirely open source roleplay framework, with the intention of bringing the Garry’s Mod community a simple to use, modular and free alternative to other gamemodes. One that is written by the community, for the community. Currently we’ve only really got Tiramisu and Clockwork to choose from, and in my opinion I think the community needs some more diversity than that, especially since FNox has announced that he will stop working on Tiramisu after he has released it for GMod 13. My goal with Hyperion is to give it a sense of modularity which has never before been seen in a gamemode, to the point where you can control the entire script from one file with no real Lua knowledge required. However, I can’t complete Hyperion on my own. If you in any way want to help me develop it or you have something you want added, contact me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jocken

Hyperion’s structure is similar to the one that Tiramisu/CakeScript uses, with a couple of main differences. There’s a schemas folder, and inside that folder you can add your own schema folder. Inside your custom schema folder, the following folders/files should exist:

*** factions/**
- In this folder all of your custom factions are added. Adding a faction will be extremely easy, and will be given further details once the faction system is ready.

*** items/**
- In this folder all of your custom items are added. Adding an item will also be extremely easy.

*** plugins/**
- Inside this folder there are three other folders: client, server and shared. In client you can add clientside plugins (ex: cl_radiomenu.lua). In server you can add serverside plugins (ex: sv_footsteps.lua). In shared you can add plugins that share both clientside and serverside code (ex: sh_whatever.lua).

*** sh_info.lua**
- This file simply controls your schema’s basic information, such as its name, version, author etc.

*** sh_config.lua**
- This file is the schema configuration file. This file allows you to control the entire script directly from your schema, so that you won’t ever have to modify any aspect of the gamemode outside of your own schema. This means that you won’t have to worry about future updates breaking any of the custom code you’ve added.

Currently Hyperion is in its pre-Alpha state, meaning that it’s essentially unusable. Below you will be able to find some of the features that have already been added, and some of the planned features. If you have any suggestions, then feel free to give them to me, because this is a community driven project.

Hyperion is a heavy WIP, as I just started working on it the other day. I want this to be a community driven project, where everyone can come together and make their own suggestions and modifications so that the gamemode can be released.
Currently there is a SVN repository available in case you want to browse through the code, and perhaps help me develop it: http://hyperion-gamemode.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/hyperion/

In the future I will be releasing stable releases for server owners, since the SVN will be constantly updated and some commits might break current versions.

I’m guessing that this is for serious RP?

Interesting. At first i thought it was,

And involved explosions and laser beams.

Don’t make a thread until you actually have something to show, nobody wants to see an ideas thread.

So far, it looks like you have a [del]barebones[/del] [del]base[/del] “skin” of your framework, but what is the point of showing it off if you haven’t made any substantial progress.

Not necessarily, it could be for any kind of RP. It gives you the core features and some schemas to work off of, then it’s up to you what you want to do with it.

I wouldn’t really call it an ideas thread, though, as I’ve already provided content and shown that the project has started. The reason I made this thread was not to show off Hyperion, it was because as I stated in the OP I want this to be a community driven project. I want the community to come together and collaborate on bringing the community something that has everything it wants. Something truly open source, and entirely written by the community itself. I’m going to keep working on it, and I’ll finish it by myself if I have to, but I just figured that it’d be nice to make it an entirely open project, that’s all.

You’re being extremely optimistic when you say you want the ‘community to come together and collaborate’. It’s nice and all that you’re doing a framework, but you probably won’t see many people using it.

Looking at the coding style and structure I must say I’m truly flattered. Just kidding (kinda). Good luck!

If I were to have a collaboration project like this, I think I’d rather go for GitHub because of pull requests etc.

You’re probably right, but it’s worth a shot. If no one ends up using it once it’s done that’s fine, at least it’ll be a fun project to work on in my free time.

I’m actually not trying to rip off any of your frameworks. My coding style is one that I’ve always had, unless you’re being specific about something, and as for the schema structure? Yeah, it’s kinda similar to what OA/CW does, however if I’m not mistaken JWJ started using that structure first. Or maybe he picked it up from you, I’m not sure. Either way, it’s a structure people are familiar with.

I actually did think about using GitHub, however I’m not familiar with git at all.

It has SVN support

I thought it was

Why should a lua coder bother using this and then having to give you a bit credit? It’s not like that a chat system and some fancy folder setup is so hard to make for a coder who could make schemas and plugins for this.

It’s far from finished, it’s in a pre-Alpha state. I made this thread so that people could view Hyperion’s progress and help develop it if they wish.

Then tell us about it. :slight_smile:
Modular HUD is the only thing I like about this, if you make it so that I can make my own shema, put it in a folder and then load it in every gamemode based on hyperion.
Like Colour for backgrounds, font, Text size and stuff.

This sounds a lot like Tiramisu in a way. minus the fact I haven’t heard of any third person type view for this.

I can give you a private repo if you want to work on the alpha rather discretely until you have something more to show.

What people don’t often see about these threads is that they’ll eventually get updated as things get developed. That’s pretty much how it works.

for a brief second i thought you were reviving ggl’s srp script hyperion and my peener wrinkled

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this is the most illogical post i’ve ever read in my entire life.

Developing for the Gmod community is a bundle of joys!

I don’t think it needs a private repo. There’s no reason to keep anything hidden.

I’m gonna work on finishing the MySQL and SQLite stuff before I start making anything else, however I haven’t worked with either MySQL or SQLite all that much. Any help with it would be appreciated.