Hyperspace Window

Just wondering if it’s possible to make a hyperspace window sort of like on Stargate? Could you use the same effect but a different texture? If anyone wants to try, I’ll help however I can(this is a question and a request)


I think he’s referenceing the old Stargate movie where there’s this effect when you;d go through it, like Jinto’s wormhole ent thing, only an edit, I guess

Either that or the one with the ships - but I couldn’t find any videos of that.

That is the stargate… I’m talking about the one the ships use

Effect is possible. However, cliping is the problem. Where would you put the ship while it’s in hyperspace? Putting it in the void would only work in maps with no skyboxes ( OR you’d have to draw the effect around the ship). I don’t think you’ll want to do that once you’ll find out the knowledge and time needed to do that.

Make it invisible (this is a problem really because of the prediction between server and client), and disable collisions on the ShouldCollide hook.