Hypothetical car contest

Hi FP. I was watching old youtube videos, had an idea for a contest. I’m not going ahead yet, just throwing the idea around, seeing if people like it.


Amphibious car Mk II
Basically, it’s, well, an amphibious jeep (think schwimmwagen or seep). It has to be able to offroad decently, and race around a land/water track. The track will have timer, obstacles like a vehicle test course, etc. I’m right now working on a track. Judging is whoever is fastest.

The really simple rules
1.) Must be wheel/angforce/torque/engine/hamster powered. This means no cars able to go airborne (this will also limit speed and make it a bit more difficult)
2.) Maximum unparented weight is five tons (5000). Do whatever you want to your parented props
3.) Must be able to make it over basic obstacles on the course (so you’ll need decent off-road performance)
4.) The method of propulsion in water must be derived from the wheels’ propulsion (no separate motor). Wheels with water-cleats are ok although they may fuck up on land, and any linkage that connects the wheels’ power to that of a propellor, etc, is OK. (This is not hard, a simple linkage, propshaft, or gearing will do it. Look upxro’s excellent rope engine if you need a non-geared way to transfer rotational power 90 degrees)
5.) No Bouyancy tool–100% old-fashioned engineering needed. setMass() is allowed.

I can finish up a nice race/obstacle track real quick. Just throwing it out there, if ppl like the idea, I’ll change the post to “we have a contest!”

I was gonna make a joke about seajeeps, but then I realized seajeeps is almost the same as sea-jeeps so that kind of ruins the point.

Its a quite nice idea, except I don’t understand why you put a weight limit. Also dis-allow downforce.

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There’s never been a successful track racing car contest where you race on a track and the one with the best time wins.

If I was good at making cars, I would sign up in a heartbeat, but alas I can make suspensions, but not car bodies. not at all.

Team up with a friend. Or just give it a shot and see what happens–even if it doens’t look “AWESOME!!” it can still be cool.

Oh hey, there’s my video. Again, sorry for the annoying techno.

I agree, downforce (unless aerodynamic, like fin) should be disallowed.

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i think redreaper is becoming a new karbine

i like this

Funny thing is if I teamed with someone, it would probably be Trekkie, who has the same problem i do

I’ve been getting a little practice with making tanks, but yeah I’m not exactly ‘good’ at exterior stuff.

Heh, we should give it a whirl

Well, I’d be all for this, but I’m nearly guaranteed to lose, as my engines can’t do anything over 50 most of the time. This and my bodywork is shadier than Balto’s. Anyone lend a hand?

Wheel power. Applytorque or angforce. I use applyangforce on spindleless wheels for a real good drive system. And seriously in general, having awesome modeling isn’t the only way to make cool stuff.
I don’t know why everyone has so much resistance against downforce, I’ve never known it to have any advantage in speed other than a slight wheel efficiency boost at the price of power/weight ratio (I use it and forward applyforce normally, but only if the wheels are on the ground except for like 1 or 2 testbeds early on). But I’ll disallow it if people think it would be unfair.

That’s possible?

I already know a way to win this. 6x6 ATV with tank-like steering.

what about a 10x10 ragdoll wheel turret-powered chimney

That would work too, trust me I’m an engineer

There has, I did it :smiley:
The FacePunch Top Gear style powerlap board

I got people to post up their cars and I tested them all out on one particular map and posted the times back (with a 10 second penalty everytime the car left the track to make it as much about handling as outright speed)
I done it back when Audio84 had not long released is infamous vmf F1 car which naturally won by a mile


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do it again :v:

someone shuld make this into a gamemode with a timer and stuff so there could be real races

Could we get a tutorialish video on how to make the 90^0 thingy?