Hypothetical Rust Vehicles & Watercraft Pt.2

Hypothetical Rust Vehicles Pt.1

**Hypothetical Rust Vehicles & Watercraft Pt.2 **

Here some More to Wet the Watering Hole!

Harbor and Boat depot!

**Shipwreck ocean liner beached **


Fishing-Boat-Abandoned small Port & beached

Old Rusty Abandoned Oil Rigs

Real Rusty WaterCraft**

Abandoned Ports and lighthouses/ect.

nice atmosphere!

to be cont…

It would be cool to have an oil rig far out in the sea of rustworld and you would have to make a boat to go there c: Swiming would take far too long and you would prob die if you wouldn’t have your inventory filled with medical supplies cx

Agreed- On The Oil Rig!! Garry? OH Garry!

Yeah oil rig idea sounds neat. I also would like to see some of the rusty boat decor or flooded buildings. Very neat