Hypothetical Rust vehicles

Here some images looking on Google for Rusty looks and ideas for rust Game!


Car or Buggy :


Oh!my God! Gee gatinggun


Plane View lol

REQUEST! And last few posts i made while back new bio Dome Swamps

Harbor with swamp:

nice pics

Crashsite could be an cool radtown too

Yea Crash Sites and harbor and a Dam site would be nice! :smile:

Old post link :http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1514609

all of them are great but you can add a crashsite a lot easier then a harbor or dam

Maybe something like this? fedup plane run

Or this?

i really would like a swamp type biome where new ressources could be

Hypothetical Rust Swamps landmarks

All we need is Boats!

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Rusty Boats!

A swamp biome with a ruined solarium or something would be cool.


Yeah those crash sites are nice! But to the idea of cars; I prefer no cars at all.

Rusty Siege and Weapons!

Generic Blunderbuss


Tire Iron - Never Know What car Or head Might need to Fix some loose Nuts?!


CrowBar With multiple Jabs And Whacks!

Common Baseball Bat Make Home Runs Head On!

Others on the way!

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Anti-riot weapons gun-anti riot gun-gas gun-pepper bullet-smoke bullet use gas guns Made with Flowers in Rust Well the chemical agent,


The owner has rigged it up with a M209, salvaged from a old weapon and is also using an rusted old drum mag.

Mortar launchers

hmmm just testing a Hypothetical Swamps!



Don’t be mad FP! :v: