Hyrule Warriors

Game’s been out a couple months. Would love to see some ports!





Wii U file extraction is only known by three people, and none of them are willing to share how it’s done (two only care about modding Mario Kart 8, one only cares about sharing music/sound files and nothing else). So it’s probably going to be impossible for at least another half year or so, minimum.

(EDIT: Has it been a half year already? Man does time fly. See below.)

or atleast when Smash Bros comes out and everyone tries to mod it

people have already extracted some of the super smash bros 3ds models, so when it comes out for wii u, i agree, people will probably have more interest in wii u mods/extracting models and all kind of stuff lol

Decrypted Wii U games are uploaded, yo. Including Hyrule Warriors.

"Need winrar 5+ to extract.

http://filehippo.com/download_winrar_64 "

Those are just the music files. Like I said in the one post earlier in this topic, the only person interesting in sharing Wii U files only wants to share the audio and nothing else.

(EDIT: And now this post is moot, see below.)

So, Smash for Wii U is out, So I guess something might happen towards this in a few months from now?

Maybe. We’ll just have to see.

These are all of Cia’s models. Unfortunately, they’re compressed or otherwise obfuscated. Don’t be fooled by the file extension. They’re not actually the gzip files we’re familiar with. Inside the RAR archive are 6 more .gz files. We’re so close, yet so far. You need the version of WinRAR I linked.

[sp]Is it possible for me to get the Koopaling models from New Super Mario Bros. U?[/sp]

Looks like for the files, in order there’s an identifier, a file count, an uncompressed size (?), and then file chunk sizes, four bytes each. At the beginning of each chunk is padding to balance it out until the offset ends at either 0x00 or 0x80, then there’s a file size for the compressed data, and then the compressed data itself. Hrmm…

I’ll try different decompression methods for this and I’ll let you know if I get anything.

EDIT: LOL you said what I just did. But keep note about the first four bytes of a chunk being its size minus four.

I’d like to add that every chunk in the file is aligned to the nearest 0x80 bytes. Also, the first four bytes of a chunk are the size of the chunk minus four. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, in C_BLACK.bin.gz, the first chunk starts at 0x200, ends at 0x8486, and the next chunk starts at 0x8500. Etc.

Apparently it’s just ZLIB that they’re compressed under. I’m working on getting a QuickBMS script to unpack the files right now.

(EDIT: Got something!.. kinda. This decompresses the file, but it needs to be spliced together afterwards.)

endian big
comtype unzip_dynamic
goto 0x04
get FILETOTAL long
goto 0x08

for i = 0 < FILETOTAL

get SIZE long

next i

padding 128

savepos OFFSET

for i = 0 < FILETOTAL

get NAME filename
string NAME += i
get SIZE long
savepos OFFSET
padding 128
savepos OFFSET

next i


Awesome! But pardon my ignorance, but how exactly do I run the script to unpack a file?

Use QuickBMS for it. Save that chunk of code to a TXT file, run QuickBMS, pick the script file, pick the files you want to extract, and then pick the folder you want to extract to, and then it should make about a hundred, decompressed files each.

(EDIT: And then you can use File Joiner to merge 'em together.)

(EDIT 2: Just tweaked chrrox’s DW7 model-importing MaxScript since the model format’s pretty much the same, and by gum that is definitely Cia’s model there! Buuuuuuut…)

The “cloth” bits are of course missing since nobody knows how to extract those properly, and there are some things that aren’t attached. :v:

But yeah, I’d love to get at some more Wii U model files, I’ve been itchin’ to rip some new Nintendo goodness.

(EDIT 3: Ah, I remember who made the original script now. Edited.)

I’d love to rig and port the Hyrule Warriors models as well.

Wow! that was a good news! Wii U model has been extracted by person who I know, so far. That was fast than I expected. :slight_smile:

Did somebody ask for all of the character models? No? Well, take them anyway.

Every one of those has decompressed fine except for C_ZELDA_COS02 (which I had to put a manual starting offset for) and all three of Fi’s files (which I had to separate the final pieces for manually since they were skipped for some reason). I’m gonna look into getting the bone structures and UV mapping imported next.

[sp]And unrelated but still related, is it possible to share some more Wii U models with me? I’m practically begging for 'em at this point…[/sp]

(EDIT: I’ve figured out the bone structures, fixed the UV mapping and applied rigging albiet to the wrong bones currently! PROGRESS!)

This pleases me! :smiley:

This is good news. Hopefully we’ll get to see Ganondorf and his swords soon enough, the designs for both are actually pretty nice.