My first GMOD video.

What’d you think?

It’s a camera sliding to the right, then on the left, then on the right, then on the left, with some music

There’s nothing wrong with it but there’s nothing good either <<

Very smooth, very nice, but nothing really special.

It’s more like gm_construct, the tour.

It was well done, you just need to get an idea.

Fuck I was expecting hysteria by muse.

Not bad though.

What did you use to record it?

To the left! to the right TO THE LEFT LEFT LEFT to the right right right!

Fraps, edited with Sony Vegas.

I like it. It would be like if you made Gm_construct then this would be the video advertising it.

But what is with the title “Hysteria”?

yeah, how dose hysteria relate to this video?

To tell you the truth, I really have no fucking idea.


I was also expecting that.

Ill share something I learned after my 5th video.
Sometimes its best to remain static, or both, like a static camera fallowing a object with out moving its spot.
and once you can master that (not hard) you can combine both, shots like in the movie to static, to static fallowing a object.

what song is that???