I accidentley unbound a key

I accidentley unbound the ‘‘z’’ key in Garry’s Mod 13 Beta and i can’t reset it in options so now i have to use the remover tool instead of just using Z to remove stuff.

“bind Z delete?”

Its bind z gmod_undo

Oh… my bad.

Well i have a problem fixing it because for some reason i can’t type in the console :confused:

Does it open when you hit the ~ or ` key?
What kind of keyboard do you use?

If you press the ~ key on a normal US keyboard, you get the ` character. If you press ~ and then type a letter that is not “i, e, a, o, u” you’ll get the console closing, but if you type one of those you’ll get “ì, è, à, ò, ù”. Then undo that character and you can type.

Or just press space once after pressing ~ and then remove the space.

I live in sweden so its a nordic keyboard, i had to open the GMod control panel in steam and write in ‘’-console’’ to get the console to show up because it doesnt work pressing the tilde key when i am ingame

I think pressing F10 or F11 opens the console

Or, if none of that works, go to steam/steamapps/<your steam user name>/garry’s mod beta/garrysmodbeta/cfg and open the config file in your text editor of choice. There, paste this :
bind “z” “gmod_undo”

save, and you’re set.