I accidently deleted brush type tab in hammer.

I accidently deleted the brush tab on the right side and the undo and redo tab on the top. I was wondering how to get them back.

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To restore the Undo/Redo bar:

  1. If Hammer is running, exit.
  2. Open the Run prompt.
  3. Enter in “regedit”.
  4. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Valve / Hammer / Barstate-Bar1
  5. Locate a key “Visible”. It should have a value “0”.
  6. Change the value to “1”.
  7. Run Hammer. The bar should be located in the middle of the Hammer window.

Whats run prompt?


Not the CMD
the run thing
open your start menu and search run

Yes i fixed it!!! Thx for your help.