I Accidently Deleted The Garry's Mod Folder! How Do I Get Back?

I Accidently Deleted The Garry’s Mod Folder! How Do I Get Back?
Also when i download stuff it doesnt appear in game help!

Delete entire GMod folder content (or delete content via Steam).

Then try to reinstall or rerun GMod, the basic files that come with Vanilla GMod should return.

i tried that but when i go into steam apps then my user name its empty


You have to run the game from Steam once before the files show up on your computer. Had the same problem myself. Just install, run the game (don’t even have to load a map, just load the game), back out and the files installed will be there. This goes for any Steam game, as far as I can tell.

Restore recycle bin? xD

iv tried that iv done everything everyones said and nothing works! :frowning:

On your Steam games menu:

  1. Right click Garry’s Mod.

  2. On the little menu that pops up, choose Properties.

  3. On the new menu that pops up, choose the tab Local Files.

  4. On that menu, choose Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

It might take awhile depending on your connection, but that should put all the default stuff that you need to run the game back in place. As for your addons and whatnot, you’ll have to redownload all of that.


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Looks like you’re fucked, then. :quagmire:

But really, you should probably try to verify your game cache. It definitely should restore all of your vanilla game files, along with your mounted content.