I acidentily removed ulx groupdeny and groupallow from my server

Hello I need help with this problem I have with ulx I can’t seem to find how to fix it,

I am developer on a server and acidentaly remover ulc groupdeny, groupallow, adduserid, adduser and addgroup from all rank and dont know how to get it back.
If anyone han help me with this problem I would appriciate it.

Thanks in advance,
Jeromy Han

You can just re-add them via the server console/RCON.

If I remember correctly, this will do the job

ulx groupallow groupname groupallow

where groupname is the name of the group, obviously

Ok I will try it thank you

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It did now work

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Is says in chat that consol gave me acces but it isn’t giving me access

Did you run that for all of the functions? are you in the group that you’re giving permissions to

Yes but it just doesnt give me access

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I also tried to re add ulx to maby get a clean ulx in the server but it didnt work

Remove the ulx and ulib folders in garrysmod/data/

Thank you verry much I was able to fix it cause of this