I actually tried on this one


I think this one is good by my standards

But not hard enough…
The scout is posed very strangely and there is way too much grey

Dude, he’s a troll. Give it up.

the bat looks like it’s covered in shit lol

That’s not a bat that’s scout’s dildo.

Rong would love it

yeah the paint didn’t work out very well


listen i’m not a troll I am just starting so i didn’t really know what to do so I just uploaded a bunch of stuff.


btw how do I delete all the shitty posts I put up?

what with the shit screenshots lately?

Wannabes, perhaps?

Dude, don’t post your first shots.

^^ How’s someone supposed to get better then? Are they supposed to just guess at whether or not they’re making good stuff or not?

You look at other people’s poses and compare them to yours. Until you get a good enough pose, that is worth posting.

Oh, and you don’t have to write “^^” when you are responding to the message that is approximately 6 cm above yours.

^^ You also don’t have to quote a message that is approximately 6 cm above yours >_>

I clicked on reply. Quotes are less annoying than ^^. It looks like that retarded smiley… And the other retarded smiley you used. :doh:

Share them with friends and ask them to be honest. That’s how I learned.

Get out.

thank you

Do these steps in order please:


especially the Antialiasing mode

ok I’ll try.