I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag, I'm useless


Quit upstaging me with my own poses :argh:

Is it strange that the first thing I notice is the gun that may be PPSH.

uh maybe because it is a ppsh

The rebel might be a bit too bright but i like the shading and contrast on the background.

Hey the title sounds familiar this time and it’s not random shit

I think it’s from a Gorillaz song


clint eastwood

Dat PPSH model

is fucking hot

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Also, the standing lamp fucks with the perspective for some reason.

This is pretty good.

The shadows are nice (where it’s cast onto the body), the reflection in well done/the water looks water-like (although the blurry edges kind of bug me).

The bloomy outside is kind of an interesting touch, especially since the bloom does not interfere with subject of the picture.

I’m not sure what to think of the illumination on the character. To me it seems a little inconsistent: you have her lit up as she is but there seems to be little indication of an actual light source or that you lit her up for the sake of being seen. However, it does look like she bears a cast shadow, and strangely the said shadow seems to climb up the background a bit.

She seems to have borderline Ben_Wolfe pallor issues on her face and left arm.

All in all though, it’s good. I’m probably just nitpicking or something.

I was expecting to see a bag full of sunshine…
like, literally.

But it looks good. Perhaps a bit too bloom’y and contrast’y for my taste.

I see those red eyes.

You so sneaky

Even though the lighting doesn’t make a lot of sense, I like it.

The fingers that hold the drum look odd in that place. But i definately love the “rebel gear with no rebel gear parts” shirt.

I was just listening to that song.

Her hand didn’t want to go anywhere else (except higher up the drum), and I’d rather be holding a 9lb PPSh from lower down than higher up.

Oh you. :allears:

But not for long…the future is comin’ on.
Nice pic dude.

I like it