I already have the maps, servers say they're missing.

I keep trying to join servers that I already have the maps for, but no matter what it won’t let me connect, saying the map is missing. I already have the map in my folder, its not a download problem. I can’t find anything by searching about the issue because they all say you have to fix the allowance of downloads, which I don’t need. I’ve tried to redownload some of the maps, and still none of them work.

I just reinstalled Steam, redownloaded all of the content, redownloaded Garry’s Mod, made a new folder. Still the same error. This only happened after an update.


No, still have the problem. Fuck.

Check if its the same version of the map. Maybe the server’s using an old version of the map under the same name.

No, this is every single server, not just one. I can’t join any server and its all the exact same problem. I joined a server earlier, it downloaded the map completely, then disconnected saying I was missing the map I just downloaded. I can even play the map on single player.

Try physically deleting the garrysmod folder instead of just removing it via steam, you’ll find that steam usually half-ass’ it’s installs.

Just tried it, didn’t work. Same thing.


Alright, well of course now singleplayer won’t work, and I’m getting the same errors with it that happened with the engine update. It didn’t do this until the update earlier today. Theres really nobody else getting this problem?


Okay my Garry’s Mod is completely fucked.

I just started it after defragmenting and verifying files.


Got singleplayer to work, only on flatgrass though, nothing else will open, and all of my addons/models are gone. I made a new folder to try to just redownload server content and see what the problem was and its still the same.

Seriously, what the fuck. I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Nevermind, I fixed it by restarting Steam.