I always build my map using the nodraw texture as my default brush, is this a good idea?

I always see map construction with the dev textures or otherwise, so I was wondering about the way I do it, I always use Nodraw as my default texture, does this in anyway kill optimization or help it in the long run?

You get very small gains from doing it like that. I use dev textures because you can clearly see the map in the hammer editor. Any faces that arn’t seen by the player will be culled atuomatically.

Some people dig it some don’t

I do it in nodraw, looks neater IMO. Plus you can turn it invisible and see through the backs of walls in Hammer which is useful.

I usually map it out in devs since it let’s me get a better feeling of the depth of my map. I think it’s a bit hard to see what’s infront of what with nodraw textures, however, whenever I finish my brushwork and apply the final textures I always finish off replacing all of the dev textures with nodraw textures so I can do what NotExactly just said.

Well that sounds useful, how does one go about doing this?

Click on the button saying “no draw” all the way to the right of the button tab.

Yea I do this too, saves me time making all sides that are not visible nodraw, because odds are, the majority of sides are going to be nodraw.

I used to do this, but now I mostly just start out with dev textures then replace them with nodraw when I’m ready to use actual textures.

I don’t think it matters how or when you texture something, most people say to save it for later since it’s detail work ( somewhat ) but it’s also handy to help get a better idea of what certain areas of your map might look like.

Thank you all for your responses.

I know you probably got enough responses already but I always make everything with the nodraw texture well in “3D Flat” camera mode. You get shading, simplistic colours, and no visually noisy textures well working on brushwork.

Its great for when you are overhauling a map or area of a map you have already textured. It makes everything just so simple looking its easy to see what needs to be done.

You use 3D flat? I’ve never ever used it, for the opposite reason. If I don’t have it where I can see the textures I get lost in my map.

To me, that is odd haha.
I have never been lost in my maps. When I make something I always remember how I made it so I have a blueprint or map of what I build in my noggin’ for the rest of time.

Wow, this is actually an amazing idea, thank you. With this is seems I’d much rather focus on the detail of the brush.

Edit: My eye’s don’t kill me either, you’re a saint!

Looks like a very good idea, I will try that the next time.