I am a raider, but what is the point of griefing?

I will break into your house even if you sleep and steal every single item you own as well as kill the sleepers inside the building, some might say its a d*ckmove. Also, I could probably feast for years from all the tears I read about people getting murdered in the game, hilarious.

but what is the point of actual griefing? That’s just unnecessary…

I think that is just a maturity level thing. When you are older and have those moments where you look back and say “why the fuck did I do that?” is kind of under the same line of logic. They just do it because they don’t know what else to do. Socializing is not something they are going to be able to accomplish at their level so they just try to get their jollies from messing about.

I don’t mind raiding / getting raided but it can be a bit frustrating when they blow up everything including all the walls etc :slight_smile: People grief just for fun.

but what is the point of actual writing this…

I get that, blowing shit up is fun.

But placing walls and ruining the spot for the raided player so he can’t rebuild is just stupid, you already fu*ked him over.

It’s a problem and it is being pointed out. Boom hope that helped.

im 24, mature but when it comes to the interwebs anything is possible. depending what mood im in and how many explosives i have, id probably grief some people.

Oh i meant his post. He wrote He love doing it because “Also, I could probably feast for years from all the tears I read about people getting murdered in the game, hilarious.” Just weird writing for an introduction for why greif…

I know its a problem. But right now its part of the game. If you are on top, you will start behaving like you are the top of the food chain. Someone need to put you down to earth and greif you. (this is for the raiders) Hate em! They deserve to burn in the hell of sins and death and sorrows!!

For the small townies, just started naked with a rock trying to hug some trees. Its sad really to kill these little puny hobbit people. Maybe they should just implement if you never attacked a person or griefed someones house, then free from griefness you shall be. But that would not work probably.

If someone built a very large base near mine, you are telling me I shouldn’t do everything in my power to run them out of the area? That is a HUGE tactical mistake if you want to just steal their stuff and leave their base to get repopulated again. I do everything in my power to make sure no-one around me is getting built too strong/close to my base so if that means sealing their base up so they cant use it anymore then I am doing it in a heartbeat. I don’t play this game to be bad at it and friendly. Go play My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic if you want to have that kind of community. I play this to win, so stop crying that you weren’t good enough to establish yourself in an area as superior and your base flaws were easily accessed.

It only takes a second to destroy hours of work, and the person doing it doesn’t even care or even recognize it more than just shooting someone for the fun of it.

Amen to the haters!

I logged on before you and got more stuff therefore I am better lol.

I take the 2b2t look at things.
I do not destroy people unless they give me a reason to destroy them.

  • Are they specifically building raiding equipment? If yes, burn their houses down, and salt the fields.
  • Are they notorious for attacking players? If yes, glass them.
  • Have they ever done any form of religious pilgrimage to aid players that are new to the game? If no, they are probably there to be cunts.
    When I see people just going around killing other players, or players who are not interested in doing things regarding the server they are playing on, I view them as something which must be eradicated.

To me, grieving means crying, I’m not too sure how raiding bases gets you banned on servers, because in the real description, that probably means to people who are the ones accusing others of grieving, are grieving.

I honestly don’t even like breaking beds if I don’t have to, griefing is just low and pointless.

It’s a PvP Survival game.

If anyone bitches about me raiding their place, killing them and taking everything then find a new damn game. I get raided every now and then, it sucks but it keeps me coming back and figuring out new tactics.

Griefing however is just a dick thing to do, it just stops people playing on servers and that’s how games die out.

how does that have anything to do with what I just said? I literally just started a base on US East 3 (A very high pop server) and am having no problems with my usual base/raiding.

Just because you are bad and cant keep up with good players doesn’t mean something needs to change

*I busted my ass for my stuff and never gave up despite being killed dozens of times, therefore I am better.

I hate people like you who says that. Is it really PvP when you attack a house and blow everything up when they are sleeping and then walk away? Sounds more like Player vs Fort

Yes, it is.
Sadly that’s the expectation of a game like this, the only way it could be dealt with is protection of households when a player is logged off.