I am a youtuber and I am looking for a garrys mod key

Hi I am Christian and My youtube channel is CMP Oklahoma. I am looking for a garrys mod key so I can make videos on It and promote your item on steam because, a lot of people have been requesting me to do a Garry’s Mod video. I do not have the money for a key. Before you say I am not a youtuber, go check out my channel and come back. Even though my channel is pretty small Its going to be huge. Also I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (dualboot) and would like to test out Garry’s Mod on steampipe, And if I get a key, I will send a lot of feedback on Garry’s Mod on steampipe and make lots of videos that make people happy and more than likely buy the game. I hope that I get a key! Thanks!

  • Christian A.

Buy it.

Well my family is poor

A for ambition

You’ll need to buy it like everyone else. No-one will just give you a key. :rolleyes:

Well is there any beta keys?

No, they’re already gone. you can’t get them anymore.

Your a few years late.

Helps to save up money by doing jobs around your neighborhood, 10$ isn’t hard to come by.

Really, is it that much to ask for, or is everybody a dick on here?

It’s not that everyone is a dick is that we’ve paid for our own key of Garry’s Mod and I’m sure(even though garry wouldn’t give two fucks about you) Garry would appreciate it if you bought it. :slight_smile:

Is it that much to ask for you to just buy the game? Why do you think people giving you a copy of the game is a small thing?

Whoa sorry for not giving you things for free.


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you had plenty of money to buy minecraft

stop bullying guys


he’s legit 10 years old lmao

I bought Minecraft around Christmas you ass hole

he runs a forum :v:

Go mow your neighbor’s lawn.

Fuck you stupid asshole

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