I am about to get Garry's mod, but I have two questions.

I’m going to buy the Counter strike: Source+Garry’s mod bundle on steam and I want to know that since I don’t own Half-Life 2, if someone spawns a G-Man or whatever other thing, will it be a missing texture or something like that? Second question, I saw somewhere that you control things like thrusters with the numpad. I am using a laptop which does not have a numpad, can I control those in any other way? Any help would be appreciated.

Every Source game comes with the standard-issue HL2 models, even TF2. So yes.

You can assign the numpad buttons to the numbers above the letter keys or get a USB numpad.

Buy a numpad you can plug into your laptop with

Woohoo! Saved myself ten bucks. Thanks for the help.

You won’t be disappointed. While I’ve grown out of gmod, some of the best times I’ve had playing a game were on it.