I am archiving my old gmod videos

The are from my old channel steamy valve if anyone remembers that

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did your original channel get destroyed somehow

Yes,i deleted it back in 2014 because i didnt give two shits about the channel,kinda stiupid if you think about it

But theres something about these vids that creep me out,a gman keeps appearing in the dark room and his apperance is weird as hell


Yo, something WEIRD is going on in your videos. What the hell?

idk man, just seems like regular gmod to me :ujel:

If you see him again grab him and toss him in the water

HBomb gaming

I found an old picture from back in 2014,what is this

Ummm, wtf? Do you remember taking this picture AT ALL? This is seriously giving me bad vibes. I feel sick just looking at that image, anybody else?

This is some freaky shit… I tried enhancing the image as much as possible, and this popped up??? looks like a face of some kind


I’m trying to figure out rn, combing through the old videos might give me a clue, might ask OP if he remembers subscribing to an addon that does that, maybe it’s a NextBot? the kind we’ve never seen before, very advanced.

What the hell are you guys talking about? They’re just regular pictures.

Wait,the pic says 2022?,did i take this this year?

Yeah probably. The strange thing is that he looks like he was moved around by a phys gun, and face posed.

Weirdly, your comment was edited once to say it was deleted, as if your trying to create some sort of… narrative? Nah.

He just made a minor spelling mistake, don’t worry

:x: Doubt