I am archiving my old gmod videos

Wait fuck that,that one dudes date might be true idk

It was somewhere when gmod 9 released,it was one of my first animations back then

april or march in 2007, right? because gmod came out on november unless you hadn’t bought the retail version of gmod


I am making an remaster to that gman vid,gmod 12 videos i might post,i have alot of tf2 ones


You should surround yourself with friendly snipers, in case an entity appears, they will spot it and try to shoot it, you can get that on camera.

When was the first shadow man sighting? It couldn’t have been here forever

why did we stop investigating this

Op has been in an accident

Like…rp down town i think?

Oh so we should go there (i get spooked easily so i cannot go)

i dont think so chief

would continuing count as a necro post now?

We must continue investigating here i think there is a bigger picture


lowest effort arg ever.

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I felt like everyone was being sarcastic about this… It was as if Steamy was trying to get us to solve the ARG.

It sure is unique though, an ARG posted through Facepunch forums, I’ve only ever seen Steam ones going outside of YouTube.

Ive seen worse. An example would be how i go back to posts from months ago