I am attempting to make my own rust map for when servers come out.

Hello everybody. Been waiting for the servers to hit steam recently and decided why not learn how to do some of my own map development. So here I present to you my very early staged P.O.S map. http://dudles.comoj.com/EpicShit.html

New version of the map. I added way to much bushes and grass, so be prepared. http://dudles.x10.mx/Game.html

hm. i actually kinda like the map. i like the mountainous regions and deserted buildings. except deserted buildings usually get boarded up in rust. overall i think it doesn’t look that bad.

Thanks :smiley: Working on eventually making a small game but for now figured I would learn the mapping and such.

Not bad at all, but it feels too small, and way too flat. Keep up the good work, I don’t think the dev team will be using any fan made maps, but I am sure that if you hosted a server you could use it.

Nice work and too make you feel even better I saw Garry looking at this thread. Feel proud!

Links down i wanna see it :frowning:

Nice work man! A great start!

Most likely.

Thanks for the feedback :smiley: I’m at school right now but have the weekend. So going to create a better hightmap.

Sweet cant wait for more :smiley:

What did you use to make the map with? I assume you didn’t just use Unity alone?

I’d like to claim the three buildings as my own. Anyone dare challenge me will be struck down with… well, whatever… We don’t even have hands in this world. lol :slight_smile:

Oh and I’d like to report that I found a tree floating in space.

For some reason I can not pull up the map?


Huh, Idk. I’m working on one with different terrain and such right now. Should be up after about an hour. Will be most likely 10x the size.

How will you be able to run your map?
I don’t think the servers will be public, (in the game’s current state atleast)…

Nice map cant wait to play on it!

Servers are not public in the current release but they are porting to steam as we speak. They said that once it is ported to steam it should allow for private servers and such. So hoping for that day to come soon :smiley:

I think the structure of their game, and Unity, might make things difficult. For one, you’ll probably need a Unity Pro license in order to export a .unity3d file which contains your level. For another, they would likely need to distribute some kind of project template which you can build off of in order to structure your level properly, because they had to do a ton of hacking in order to get Unity to even support the entire Rust island. Normally, you’re restricted to 10km maps in Unity due to floating point precision - beyond that you start to rapidly lose precision. However, I think they put a bunch of hacks in place which use double-precision floats, to increase the possible map size. This would probably make end-user mapmaking a lot harder.
Keep in mind Unity was really not designed to support user-created maps, or mods of any kind (one of the biggest shortcomings of the engine).


Nice to see you have done some googling.

Updated. Lots of luscious grass and new map. Be warned I will most likely lower the amount of grass.