I am back aparently...Not that any of you remember me <:C

I had the sudden urge to blow the dust from my copy of Garry’s Mod. Here are the results. I’m rusty as shit so be nice :<

"No man, you don’t have to do this." "Believe me, I do."

The Spy explores an unfamilliar world.

He’s clipping with the bars.


And use a higher jpg quality or save as a tga.

Oh sheet. Just noticed that.

Forgot to push render on the first image.

I wasn’t planning on putting any Depth of Field on the first one.

His hand is clipping with the gun aswell

Yeah I noticed that too.

oh and the first guy isn’t touching the second guy.


And the Spy’s feet appear to be clipping with the ground a tad, but it doesn’t matter.


Oh and they both need AA

Overall they are good for ‘coming-back-after-a-year-or-so’ attempts, right?

Gun is clipping with the thumb to. Second pic is ok.

Posing is nice enough, minus the clipping issues.

and no,i do not remember you…

I remember you

not you but your name

I like the first one.

Besides the incredibly generic and cheesey text above the first picture, it’s meh.

Oh hey! Welcome back!

LOL’d at the Hidden Gnome :smiley:

I have some vague memories.