I am back... maybe?

It has been about 3 years since I was last on here. I haven’t touched Gmod since then and today I was bored and though, hell why not. So first things first, I made a pose in about 10 minutes to see if I still had any talent. So I am going to post that first to get opinions. This is a VERY BASIC pose just to see if I could still do it. Let me know if it’s too stiff or fake or bad etc etc. After that I shall post some old images I made from back in the day.

First, the test pose.


Next is a few of my favorite images of my from back in the day.






Last but not least, is Chesty McGee still here?

The test looks basic but very life like and like nothing i have seen in game before, good work on that.
I look forward to seeing your work if you continue to post these :slight_smile:

Well that’s what I am looking for with this post. If people would wanna see more of my work or not. If they do then I will do more… but oh god I haven’t used PS in years so who knows how good those skills will be.

Chesty ‘left’, he hangs around the Creationism Corner these days. lonefirewarrior, TheMask, antianan, Exorade and a few others have the boss seats now

Well damn, I kinda liked that guy.


So Joazz would you be willing to work with me in photoshopping my poses? I could pay you in firm handshakes and perhaps a steam game of your choice?

sure i can as soon as i get these projects out of the way. i have to finish a hugesupermegaedit for Lonefirewarrior, a big one for Viper_SWE and then one for Devil Traitor which i haven’t started yet

add me on Steam

Added, otkenney is my steam

I look forward to seeing you both running around meadow fields holding hands as I nod approvingly. “I made that happen”, I’ll think as I smoke my pipe.