I am banned with a vac....I am confused...

One day I log on to steam go on rust and try to join my server I play on with my friends since we where going on a raid that night… I find out my account was banned I thought I was glitching until read the message popping up…

Whats your steam profile URL and steam id?

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Nevermind found it:

yeah looks like you’re vac banned for hacking in rust alright. Not sure what you’re expecting us to do about it but thanks for sharing anyways.

Do not be confused, the explication is simple: you cheated.

Too bad :-/

If it makes you feel any better, Mattmascatt26, I can’t find anything online that directly implicates you.

Other than a report of harassment against you in Minecraft, but that’s unrelated.

You cheated… That’s just how VAC works. :confused:


but on another note, does anyone smell cheese?

if there were any forum members with magic powers to disable vac bans I’m sure they’d help you out

He has a lot of names though.

There could be information on any of them.