I am Deaf - a CC script for ttt?

I am nearly deaf and i could usea CC script for sounds in TTT - could someone make a script to help out deaf ttt’ers?
Please see http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1141070?p=33327473&viewfull=1#post33327473

Are you for serious? I never knew deaf people played gmod. Your fuckin’ awesome.

On topic:
How would I go by making caption scripts. I will try.

Are you trying to have like a translator, Someone from mic talks, it translates and goes in caption form? That would be fucking hard as shiet.
I dont even know if you can do that.

‘nearly’ deaf?

Just turn up the volume! :v:

on a serious note, the only thing I could imagine being CC’d would be actions such as

[pistol fires]
[fire sound]

You can already do this…
Turn on captions in gmod.

Please show me where I can enable easy viewing access to individual shots and fire

I guess you could do on SWEP:PrimaryAttack on certain weapons you could call a custom hook like hook.Call(“ClosedCaptions”, “[Pistol Primary Attack]”)
And have a custom way of displaying captions.

Yes, Keegs & Peach CC doesn’t work for ttt - game sounds don’t Display play

I just want to “hear” game sounds like C4 and shotgun blast e.x Player death scream

I don’t know any lua but i feel as if it can’t to hard to detect when sounds around you are played?
As for displaying them i have no idea how hard that would really by - but maybe just output to the local client in chat? and have a seeing to enable it or disable it - I was wondering also if i can just find were gmod gets its cc file / format from maybe i could just try to make changes there or is it hard-coded into gmod?

I’d love this to be client side so i can take to any server running ttt… but if not i can talk to server admins about installing it for deaf ttt’ers

This would be really great - I’ll try my best to help

Also I’d like to add keggs that turning up sound doesn’t work - i am 100% deaf in my left ear and my right one works but it’s still about 80 - 87 % deaf - turning the sound up only annoys others in the house and I still can’t understand speech

To help you understand Please see http://www.phonak.com/us/b2c/en/hearing/understanding_hearingloss/how_hearing_loss_sounds.html
You may also find this useful http://www.phonak.com/us/b2c/en/hearing/understanding_hearingloss/types_of_hearing_loss.html

I hope i make a implant for you. But you gotta wait mister.


Can anyone help?

I’v started to read the wiki on lua…

Others and I really need CC support for more gamemodes…

If it’s client side, you will need ScriptEnforcer to bypass it, or the server owner to install it as well. This concept won’t really be easy and if you really want it made you might have to offer some cash.

I could make one for you. I already have something similar that detects what players say on their mic, adding [shots fired to the left] or something similar should also be very easy. Just not sure if it’s worth the time, as the server will need the mod as well to allow you to use it.