I am game banned? what now?

To whom ever it may concern,

(Firstly I would like to state that I have spent time looking for any rules regarding where to post this appeal, I apologise if this is in the wrong place, if so please guide me to the correct one.)

After returning home this evening, I booted my pc in hope to play a rust server that had reset today, to get ahead of most with my friends. I join the server to find that I have a game ban which is to my understanding that you issued.

Now that the simple part is out of the way, I would like to “appeal” for my ban. First off I have never cheated in any game. Unless you count cheat codes on GTA IV then I have never cheated. It was only the other day I was actually helping a server admin to ban cheaters on their server, aswell as using F7.

I have countless hours on Facepunch’s games, hell I even run a community with 4 servers. I respect the services that you provide and I wish to continue to use them. In total I nearly have 1800 hours on your games.

My next point is that how can anyone think that I hack? I think in the total of 50 odd hours I have on the game I have killed around 31 people (on the server I played for the last week) and around 20 on various other servers. I my opinion and my friends, I am actually an awful player as it stands.

I believe this ban to be false, I understand that this game is only in Alpha, however I do not know the state of your EAC and how well it functions.

Due to these circumstances in which I am in I would like to request reasoning for my ban, if not then at the very least a conversation with the game developer that banned me.

Again, apologies if this is in the incorrect place, please guide me to the right one if I am wrong.

Kindest regards,


Noone can know who you are if you don’t share your steam id.


Nvm, I guess thats you http://steamcommunity.com/id/NGCrenox/

First, it might be a good idea to link your steam ID.
If it’s a mistake on EAC’s part (and this happens very very rarely) they will unban your account if it turns out to be a false positive. However, so many cheaters come onto the forum to try and get unbanned, or at least get EAC to give up how they were caught, people are skeptical about anybody’s story in this regard. If you’re telling the truth and it really is a genuine mistake you’ll be unbanned, otherwise EAC will mention they detected fraudulent behavior and the case gets closed.

If you’ve been playing with family sharing feature, anybody else who’s using this feature and has cheated/run scripts on their account, when they get banned any account linked to them will also be retroactively banned to prevent piggybacking.

Thank you for the support of Zoneslyvania and trustinrocks.

Here is my SteamID: STEAM_0:1:65076899

@trustinrocks yes, that is my profile.

@Zonesylvania Yes that is my profile, although I lack time on this community forum I did sign up around 6 months ago. Due to an attempt to find support for my server at the time.

All I ask for is a chance to prove my innocence, I am sure that isn’t much to ask for.

Also to add I haven’t ever shared a game on steam, if I can remember anyway.

You have to contact EAC directly or wait untill a Developer or a EAC employee tells you if it was a true or false detection. They won’t give more information.

Ok thank you for your help @trustinrocks I will submit a request for support there. :slight_smile:

they do respond here sometimes, but it never hurts to contact them on 2 fronts:)

just for the sake of discussion; few hours or a large number of hours do not prevent a player from cheating, and have basically no worth disputing a ban. some players use burner accounts (temp/new accounts they can throw away to cheat), and long standing players have still been stupid enough to burn an account with 3k hours just to cheat.

there have been false bans, but there have been very few of them. all have been corrected, most of them publicly. but they will not give information beyond positive or false detection, since it could be used to determine their detection methods.

positive detections will not be reversed. you would need a new account, and a new version of rust. and it would be suggested that you do a clean os install to reduce the chances of being banned again despite uninstalling the cheats; there have been many threads about this, and it basically boils down to not really being sure what the cheat has changed in your computer unless you made it yourself.

A friend of mine got VAC banned because his GTAV cheat he downloaded, the cheat injected into rust and banned him by that.

Your Account seems pretty big. 80 games and there is much effort in your account. A typical hacker account has 1 game and 10h Rust. Contact EAC they will check it.

Aaand there we are again. False positive? Maybe. Used hack? maybe. But hey lets rate his opening post and insult him, no?

I keep assuming that people from rust hack report twitter get banned without really detecting anything due to a report with a odd looking video of the guy getting shot.

he has one “optimistic” rating, from someone who then posts “First, it might be a good idea to link your steam ID.”. fair enough when it was omitted.

and everyone has been surprisingly considerate in this thread. so, yeah…no idea which thread you are responding to fowst mate.

On your profile you stated “My game ban is for Rust. I was banned when I wasn’t even on the bloody game. I blatently didn’t hack, EAC is diabetes and banned me for literally no fucking reason… Plus my K/D was 40 to 5 billion in 50 hours. 10/10 would not buy again.”. First of all, having a bad K/D or many hours in the game doesn’t mean you haven’t cheated. Also, you could of cheated 2 weeks ago and only got banned 2 days ago, doesn’t mean you had to be on the game to get banned.

Nope, I’m in the right topic. I found it strange that nobody jumped at his throat yet in good old fashion like in all the other “banned for no reason” topics. Greetings to elixwhitetrash who didn’t get the joke.

People dont jump at somebody’s throat without good reasons or at the least a link to @rusthackreport which shows they got banned by EAC. Also there’s nothing wrong with being reasonable to people back if they phrase themselves reasonably, whether they happen to be cheaters or not. Whining about how the developers are asshole thieves who should die in a fire, and anybody responding to their childish ranting getting called names, is a different matter, having seen that often enough.

Occasionally yes. Also in this Forum and especially in unban requests. But I don’t wanna browse every one of them to prove my claim.