I Am Legend - Nevill gets chased by Seakers

Here ya go:

Camera View One:


Camera View Two:


Camera View Three:


Please comment seriously, I really need to improve on some things, and I want to hear your words.


I know the mustang is completely different in the movie, sorry.

Quality is at its best.

needs a whole lot of work…but finger posing is kinda ok

There is no chasing happening.

That’s as high as your graphics go? Ouch.

Posing needs… quite a bit of work, what’s that stalker doing in the air third pic? Just looks like he’s jumping with his arms stretched out like HL2 models that don’t have a jump animation.

Well, keep at it and practice.

You could have used the Nevill model from Rusty’s pack. The scene is too empty. Needs more props. Since when was the city empty in the movie. It had grass growing out of cracks, trash, more cars, and a lot of papers everywhere. Don’t spam blood too.


Can’t see a shit.

Its very dark and the posing isn’t very good