I am Legion, for we are many.

First time posting a screenshot here. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Expected Ghost Rider.

Mass Relay’s closed due to aids.


“My name is Legion: for we are many.”

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Oh and for C&C it’s really boring, there’s nothing going on, we’re just looking at a badly posed ragdoll and some props, the lighting is boring and flat too, work on your posing and pick a better location and use lamps for lighting.

And to improve shadows, turn to this thread for some useful console commands.

Thanks. This is really helpful.

I was Expecting Anonymous. Am Kinda Disappoint.

I was Expecting Vendetta (you know the last scene).

I agree with what GHOST!!! said, but keep at it and you will get better, untill then post here http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1160404

I was expecting Ermac.

Expected Bible.


lol i thought it was ermac from MK

Expected a correct quote. Got a wrong one.

It’s “WE are Legion, for we are many.”

Another tip: When it comes time to render use SuperDOF and have everything maxed out. You don’t need to work like that, but you should turn those on when it comes time to render. If your framerate drops to low, use a camera and have it setup to the angle you want before turning everything on. That way you don’t need all those frames to move and such.

Jesus this is an old thread

He’s holding the gun kinda funny.