I am looking for a big group that me and my DarkRP server can join

I have a Darkrp server that i put A lot of work into with the help of some good friends. And no i didn’t just slap on a bunch of addons i found on garrysmod.org i have some custom things that i made and others that i manipulated.

my server has 32 slot’s and has DDos protection.

as for the gamemode . here are the things that are somewhat different from others.

I guess ill start with the custom jobs:
swat chief
fight club member
fight club leader
park-our master
weapons distributor
drug dealer
body guard
explosive dealer
body guard
black market dealer
hobo god

Her is how my hud looks


I have a gun addon menu that only a gun dealer can see. I made this so people can understand more on what the gun dealer is able to give to the customer


A assassin menu that was made by my good friend steve4448


whats cool about the assassin menu is lets say someone put a hit on you . you don’t know it but the assassin was trying to kill you and you managed to survive and if you killed the assassin you automatically get removed from the hit and the assassin gets demoted and everyone that’s not apart of the government officials (cope,mayor,swat,etc…) will have a colored message in chat that says the hit was failed on <player>. also government officials can’t set a hit on players

now if you pick a job that is apart of the government officials (cope,mayor,swat,etc…) you automatically have armor when you spawn

you cant give weapons that are not apart of your class for example if I was a cop and I drop the arrest stick . no one can pick it up except cops

my server has a anti prop kill and prop surf addon

when you buy a door the whole property is yours. you don’t have to go owning all the doors inside.

Drug dealers have to make there drugs before they can sell it.the same goes for bartender

park-our master has the skill to well … park-our. also its a donator job.

the server also has a label tool.that has the owners name on it so there wont be any label spam and your only limited to 5 labels. see pic below


tier’s more but that’s all i can think of now .

so as for my question. i want to join a good role-play group that will be willing to play on my server from time to time.
if i can find a good one i will be more then happy to put your group name on my server name
if you know one or your are a owner of a big role-play group please let me know on the comments below

and thanks a million for reading XD

ohhh this Dark-RP sounds and looks cool

yea it took me awhile to put together. with the help of good friends :slight_smile:

Hi flapjack!!!

Wow.Really looks cool.

Whats the IP ?



i didn’t post it because advertising is not allowed

can you pm us the ip then i don’t think pming it to people who ask for it is breaking the advertisement rule

i think

p.s have you though about adding the cooking job and a hunger bar to the RP

you mean hunger mod. no i did not set it up only because a lot of players get annoyed when theirs no cook or they forget to eat. if a lot of the players really want it then i can set it up

so does anyone know a good group i can join along with my server??

Wait Group?

Why don’t you to attatch to some half successful DarkRP community and help them code a unique version?

Because I have not found a half successful DarkRP community that I can help them code a unique

finally another rp server

Way to quote the entire OP.

Message me on Steam. Add-a-Friend is Omgman11.

I may have a group that you’ll be interested in.


Stealing addons from gmod.org and editing them.

and stealing ideas.

fail server.

Oh boy, this is so original! :v:

It’s not too bad.

I like the gun addon thing. I looked into adding them before but I try to avoid custom models/mats.

I think moving them to an NPC would be better than giving them to the gun dealer though?

I think the point of giving it to Players is to promote a player driven economy, not “go to x buy shit”

This actually looks half decent.