I am looking for a Lua Coder for a DarkRP Modified Project [LUA Coder Request]

Hi first everyone,

Yeah, I need a good LUA Coder know how to make new jobs and stuff in DarkRP 2.2.19. The Jobs and Stuff I wanna make is:


-HoverBoard Seller, he can buy and sell hoverboards. Equipment: 10 Pistol Ammo.Playermodel:Alyx. Salary: 40 ---- /hbseller to become

-Demoman, work for the guy paid you, else sell bombs. Equipment: 3 Grenades, RPG, C4 Explosives SWEP (already exists). Playermodel: Guerilla. Salary: 95 — /tf2bomb to become

-Pyroman, work for the guy paid you and burn people for him, else abuse your Flamethrower (SMG FlameThrower) to burn people and be kicked and banned. – /pyro to become

-PC SalesMan: Only him can spawn PCs and he get the PCMod Sweps. Sell PCs. /pcsalesman to become

JOB WITH A VOTE: Become a Counter-Terrorist, by type /votect to put on the vote. He got a Pump Shotgun, and Chief Cop Weapons. Playermodel: Seal Team 6 Urban. Salary: 130

JOB WITH A VOTE: Become a Terrorist, by type /votebadguy to put on the vote. He got Grenades from HL2 (One only to prevent abuse), Glock, AK47. Playermodel Pheonix Connection, Salary: 101. (Little Joking then the CTs)


/buylock - to buy a LockPick.
/buyhb - Buy hoverboard if there are not Hoverboard Sellers
/buyshipment para — Para x10
/buyshipment tmp — TMP x10

And a command console for admins to set the amount of guns in a Shipment:

rp_wholecratecontent 10 per default for e.g :slight_smile:

I feel if someone can help me that’ll be a better version then DarkRP.

If we just follow the rules of the server,we won’t need a new mod for that…Improvise!

If I help you make this what would i receive in return?

I Can do it, how much are you going to pay?

Sounds like an awesome idea! If only someone would make it work! I would totally join that server

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Ah, Sorry.