I am looking for frozen maps

I’m looking for maps that are on the theme of winter, not in an “xmas” style, but that are all about snow, ice, frosted structures, and well… have either a nuclear winter feel, or an antartica feel.

Even if entirely natural settings are fine, i rather have maps with a couple map made structures too.

I already have the followings:




(if you add more please include a small picture)

Ive just started on one a few days ago

Wrong section.

Firegod -> It’s not a map release or a map request.

yes it is.

You are requesting maps with a frozen variety, therefore this is a request.

Haul your butt over to the request section.

Yes but i’m not requesting someone to make a map, i’m jsut asking what’s out there.

Oh and why am i even argueing with you.

There was a winter mapping contest which has several.

oh nice, i wasn’t aware of that, going there for a start.