I am looking for professional cartographers for a big project in the future

In connection with the appearance of S & Box and its new capabilities than Garry`s Mod, I am looking for a team or a person who has a lot of experience in his work. The project will be designed for a large and popular server (details on the project in LAN)

I’ll say right away that the card needs a large size and excellent quality.

I also need a personal “Coder” to fulfill standing orders in terms of Addons to the server.

All work will naturally be paid.

At the moment, I do not have a key to the S & Box and therefore I cannot start the execution of the project at the present time. The project will be launched after the opening of the game and after the accumulation of the necessary funds.

Now … I just gather the right people to discuss all the possibilities and plans for the future in advance.

Leave your resume short here.

That’s all I can leave here for now.

What part will you play in the team? And how much can we look forward to being paid?

I play no role. I will only give material (samples) and tasks (concept). Payment will be discussed after a ready plan for future work.

That sounds ominous, what type of samples are we talking about? DNA “samples”?

What is your budget? Kind of useless to say “we’ll talk about payment later” without giving any indication of you actually having money to pay people, especially as an idea man.

can you pay me to give the ideas to other people that you also pay?

Absolute chancer you are, aren’t you?

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Samples of textures and lighting. DNA? Why not? A Kind Of Textural DNA.

I just need to find people to know who to contact in the future.
Payment is negotiated after planning, then everything is calculated.

Again, I need people to know who I should contact in the future.

With an offer like this, I can only pay you to find a free team.

The Absolute is born at the end